Imperial Troop Transporter (with sound)
Imperial Troop Transporter (with sound)

Collector's Notes for a vintage Star Wars Imperial Troop Transporter (with sound) Vehicle:

The Imperial Troop Transporter is FREQUENTLY called the Imperial Troop Transport. On top of that, it is VERY similar to the Imperial Cruiser. So if you are looking for one, it's best to include Transporter, Transport, and Cruiser in your search criteria.

The sounds from the Transporter are actually provided by a mini-record player inside the vehicle. Each button starts the record from a different point, giving the different options. If you are getting the wrong sound when you push a button, there is probably not anything wrong with the vehicle. You need to push any given button down for a brief period, till the record swings around and hits the post of the button you are pressing. It's only about a second, but you will actually feel it. When it stops, release the button, and it should immediately play the sound you selected. If you just quickly press and release the button, it will play the closest sound to where it last finished.

If the sounds on your Imperial Troop Transporter aren't working at all - it's usually not too difficult to fix it. The main culprit (as usual) is the motor - either it's seized up, or in some cases, the rubber band that drives the record spin has slipped off the motor shaft. Yes, I said it's linked by a rubber band! This motor is setup a little differently from most of the other motors used in Star Wars vehicles in that it's difficult to crack open and clean. Your best bet is the old lubricate and jump-start method. A few drops of 3 in 1 oil around the shaft, and spin it by hand a few times while connecting it to a battery will usually suffice. Fortunately, these motors aren't usually seized up with dirt, dust and lint simply because they are double encased - once in the vehicle, and again in the record player.

If you need to do a tear down, this video has great coverage of the record player and how to get it going:

Here's a great quick video by Chronique Vintage that covers the vintage Imperial Troop Transporter in more detail:

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A Incomplete Imperial Troop Transporter (with sound) is worth on average $42.93 as of 3/04/2024. In poor condition, it is closer to $18.07, while excellent condtion examples are closer to $67.75. (click here see the sold listings)

A Complete No Box Imperial Troop Transporter (with sound) is worth on average $92.50 as of 3/04/2024. There are not a lot of these that go for sale. (click here see the sold listings)

A Complete with Box Imperial Troop Transporter (with sound) is worth on average $241.62 as of 3/04/2024. In poor condition, it is closer to $131.85, while excellent condtion examples are closer to $375.00. (click here see the sold listings)

A Incomplete with Box Imperial Troop Transporter (with sound) is worth on average $117.50 as of 3/04/2024. In poor condition, it is closer to $74.72, while excellent condtion examples are closer to $171.37. (click here see the sold listings)

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Low PriceAvg PriceHigh PriceAvg # BidsTotal Sales
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3.74 42.93 91.00 6 59
Complete No Box
(click here see the sold listings)
61.00 92.50 115.50 6 3
Complete with Box
(click here see the sold listings)
128.19 241.62 450.00 20 6
Incomplete with Box
(click here see the sold listings)
41.00 117.50 222.50 13 20

Last updated 3/04/2024
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Advice for selling a vintage Imperial Troop Transporter (with sound) Vehicle: (see next section for general selling advice.)

Galactic Collector firmly stands against parting out vintage toys, unless they are badly damaged, or already VERY incomplete. We know you can make more money selling the parts individually, but we ask that you reconsider! Every vintage toy you take apart is one less that exists.

If parts are missing - list out each item that missing. In our experience reviewing online auction sales (thousands of them!), listing these details earns you more money than simply saying "please review pictures, what you see is what you get".

General advice for selling vintage Star Wars collectibles:

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Best Platforms for Selling Vintage Star Wars Action Figures

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Tips For Listing Vintage Star Wars Action Figures Online

  • Take clear, close-up photos of the figure, including the following:
    • Full body from the front, back, sides AND top.
    • Close ups of the accessory/weapon, by itself, from both sides.
  • Take photos of any damaged areas, including scratches, rubbed off paint, or discoloration.
  • Take photos of the figure standing without help of a stand if you can to demonstrate the tightness of the legs.
  • Take photos of the figure with arms extended to demonstrate the tightness of the arms.
  • Any the above photo suggestions can of course be combined to minimize the number of photos you need to take/upload. Consider an action pose of the figure from an angle, with weapon in hand, and the head pointed at the camera. This demonstrates a number of traits while at the same time making a cool main photo.
  • If the arms and/or legs are loose, disclose that in the listing.
  • If there is any damage or discoloration, disclose that in the listing.
  • DO NOT buy reproduction weapons to sell with a figure to make them "look complete". Collectors do NOT want reproduction items and your reputation can be ruined for selling them. Do your best to verify the weapon with resources like The Imperial Gunnery. If you can't verify it, mention that in the listing. The more effort you put into knowing the product, the more trust you will earn from the buyers!
  • DO NOT post a figure with a vintage accessory that does not go with it and claim that's it's "100% original". Even if the accessory is an original, if it doesn't go to the figure - no one wants to buy it that way. You are better off listing the accessory separately.
  • Avoid using the phrase "No Repro" in the listing to try to indicate that it's all original. Many serious collectors have advanced searches that they use, and frequently block "repro" in the search. So, even though you have a "no" in there, you may be losing some of your audience. Instead, use phrases like "100% original" or "complete and all original vintage accessories".
  • Do NOT post fuzzy or out of focus pictures. Buyers will likely think that you either don't know what you are doing, or that you are trying to hide something about the figure.
  • You do not need fancy cameras to take good pictures for your posting. An older cell phone can often take perfect photos. If you are having trouble getting a clear shot, consider getting or making a simple mount for your phone. This will hold it steady for you while you make sure it gets in focus.

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