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Galactic Collector provides FREE tools for collectors, buyers, and sellers of the original Star Wars action figures and playsets to keep track of their collection.

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Your own personal Star Wars checklist and FREE price guide!

Click here to check values or find pricing on your vintage Star Wars figures. We have value information for loose figures as well as carded and graded action figures.

You probably checked off the names of the figures you had on cardbacks when you were a kid. Well, now you can do it online!

We have easy to use visual guides that will help you identify the action figures and the accessories that you have. What blaster goes to who? Is a figure missing something? Find out at a glance! You can peruse the figures and accessories without joining, using the menus above.

Do you want to know how much a figure is worth?

You can view estimated pricing information for each figure based on current actual sales - for loose complete, still on card, and AFA graded figures. When you start tracking your collection, you'll be able to see the estimated value of YOUR action figures! To view pricing, select a figure from our Star Wars Action Figure Visual Guide.

When you join Galactic Collector, you can track:
  • What figures you have.
  • How many of each figure.
  • What accessories you have.
  • Price paid and purchase date.
  • Track a "Wish List" of figures you are looking for (that you can share with others).
  • And you can keep notes!

In addition, we offer advice to both buyers and sellers - tips on details to look out for, and how to get the best price.

So join today and start tracking YOUR Star Wars collection!


How can I find the value/price/cost of my loose vintage Star Wars action figure?
We provide values of all the original Star Wars figures, vehicles, and playsets in the 3.75" line. To get a quick idea of the value of a collection, try our Estimator tool. For more detailed valuation, use our Visual Guide to access the item you are looking for pricing on.
Where can I find a list of all the original Star Wars action figures? Where can I find a list of all the accessories (weapons, helmets, clothes, etc)?
Use our Visual Guide to access a complete list of the figures.

Use our Accessory Visual Guide to access a complete list of the figure accessories.
How can I find out what my collection is worth?
There are two ways you can price your collection:
1: Join Galactic Collector and enter in the figures you have. (It's free!) When you view the "My Collection" option in the Visual Guide, you will see the estimated value there.

2: If you don't want join, use our Estimator tool. Simply select the figures you have and enter a few parameters, and we'll give you an estimate based on recent online auction sales. No membership required. No cost.
How much does it cost to join?
Galactic Collector is FREE to join, and FREE to use! No limited free trials, just free.
How do you make any money?
We are eBay and Amazon affiliates. If you click on an eBay or Amazon link, and subsequently make a purchase on that site, we earn a small referal fee through them. And it doesn't cost you anything extra. So if you are enjoying Galactic Collector and the resources we provide, we appreciate your support when you use our affiliate links! Our main goal is to be the best, all-in-one collector's resource for vintage Star Wars action figures. If the site can generate enough money to be self-sustaining, we will not charge for membership, or inundate our users with annoying ads. Hopefully you find the links that we provide useful to building your own collection!
I have a question/problem/suggestion. How can I contact you?
The best way to contact us is to message us through our FaceBook page here.