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The RARE Bespin Security Guards

It's a trick question! BOTH of these vintage Star Wars Bespin Security Guards are rare - but you can't tell from the front.

It's all about the COO.

Or lack of one. These are both "No COO" variations of the Bespin Security Guards. There is only one variant of the white guard. The black guard has two "No COO" variants - a fairly common one that has a smoothly removed COO, and the copyright is placed slightly lower on the leg. The rare one in question has the copyright higher on the leg, and the removed COO is roughly scarred.
The "No COO" white guard, and the "rough scar, No COO" black guard are incredibly hard to find! If you ever stumble across either of them, snap them up! Though we can't even guess pricing on them as they almost never show up for sale..
Happy figure hunting!

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