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How to remove Cloud Car landing gear

I recently picked up a couple of Cloud Cars in a collection I bought. One was in way better shape than the other but had a damaged landing gear. The worse shape one had perfect landing gear. So I made a swap - and made a quick video on how to to do it!
In a nutshell here's what you do:
  1. Get about an 8 inch length of 12 gauge wire, solid core.
  2. Extend the landing gear to be removed.
  3. From the top, locate the channel that the landing gear slides along. (shaped kind of like a 7)
  4. Slide the wire down the part of the channel that goes to the side.
  5. When it gets to the end (usually hear a click), reach under and pull the landing gear out.
I hope you find this tip useful! And if you want to know what your vintage Star Wars Cloud Car is worth, click here!