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TaunTaun Saddles: They are NOT all the same!

I review a LOT of sales listings for Star Wars toys. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a seller will list an item stating it's "100% complete with original accessories", and it turns out that the accessory IS original (vintage), but NOT for that particular item! With TaunTauns, you will sometimes see this with the saddle - so I wanted to put this quick guide out so everyone can see the difference.
Open-belly TaunTauns are more rare than closed-belly TaunTauns, making open-belly versions more valuable. And the buckles on the straps do tend to break over time (for both versions) so an open-belly TaunTaun WITH its original strap will definitely command a higher value. On occasion, I see open-belly TaunTauns wearing the thin strap saddle version of the closed-belly TaunTauns - and people paying excessive prices for them. I almost NEVER see the reverse - a thick strapped open-belly saddle on a closed-belly TaunTaun... but that would be a good buy to hopefully reunite the saddle with its proper owner some day!
The difference between the straps is very obvious once you are familiar with them. The thick strap of an open-belly TaunTaun's saddle is a good two to three times wider than the thin version of the closed-belly's. This was likely an intentional design to help hold the flaps of the open-belly together.
So, if you are looking to buy an open belly TaunTaun, make sure to check that strap thickness - or you'll be looking to find a thick strap saddle on its own - and likely paying even more of a premium!

If you want to see the price differences between the TaunTauns, check them out in our visual guide here:
Open-Belly TaunTaun
Closed-Belly TaunTaun